House Cables

House Cables


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House Wiring - Electrical Building Wire
The specification of house cables are as follows
Flexible copper conductors are made from high conductivity Copper rods of 8 mm diameter. The rod is drawn to required sizes of fine wires for the construction of conductors of different areas of cross section. Annealed plain copper conductors used in the flexible cables and cords conform to the requirements of table 3 class 5 of IS:8130-1984. The construction of conductor is also made according to customer specification.
The wires are mainly available readily in PVC insulations & also manufactured in various other insulations like, FR PVC / FRLS PVC / HR PVC / ZERO HALOGEN & TEFLON (PTFE) With HR PVC.
ZERO HALOGEN Insulation provides better flame retardant properties then HR & FRLS. Zero Halogen required >300 Deg'C temperature to catch fire (with 1% Oxygen).
TEFLON (PTFE) With HR PVC Insulation
TEFLON (PTFE) with HR105 PVC are designed for high cost and Sensitive installations where fire from electrical short circuits may cause damage to human life & property. PTFE can withstand,operating temperature from -650C to +2600C.
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